I recently preached my second sermon as a guest speaker at a small chinese-american church in Virginia. I’m sharing a condensed, written version of it…

February 2023

A Highly Subjective, Probably Incorrect History
Why I read I first started reading in my junior year of high school. Not as in “I didn’t know how to read before” — I went through the requisite litany…

January 2023

"MITI and the Japanese Miracle"
Last time I shared about my experiences doing deep dives in technical areas for my work at Actuate Innovation and Department of Energy ARPA-E. But my…

December 2022

Catfish Noodling, Priors, and Embodied Knowledge

November 2022

Following up on my previous Carbon Removal reading list, I’ve also spent several months at Actuate Innovation studying mass timber, particularly in the…
Contextualizing Scripture for the Chinese American Immigrant Experience
My personal CDR reading list

October 2022

Quantum Computing, ARPA-E, Three Body Problem, Progress Studies

January 2022

This is Rough Drafts, a newsletter where I try to formulate and clarify my thoughts on climate, technology, theology, and anything else that pops into…